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Weyermann® Carafa Special Type 2 Malt (Crushed)

Weyermann® Carafa Special Type 2 Malt (Crushed)


Special de- husked barley malt adds aroma, colour and body, with a mild smooth flavour. Reduces astringency and bitterness, while adding coffee-brown colour, a coffee-like bouquet, dark beer aroma, as well as body and mouthfeel to finished beer but without introducing harsh flavours. Even small amounts of CARAFA SPECIAL malts in the grain bill produce dark beers of unusual smoothness and mildness with a firm, creamy, white head. Flavour: notes of coffee, cocoa and dark chocolate.

For use in Porter, Dark Beer, Bock Beer, Stout, Altbier, Black beer (Schwarzbier), Dark Ale and others.

EBC 1100-1200

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