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About Worcester Hop Shop

Welcome to the Worcester Hop Shop.

We are now in our 13th Year and thank you our customers for supporting us!

The original  founder of the business (a keen homebrewer) set up the website as he was frustrated with the outrageous prices he was paying for the basic raw materials of hops , grain and yeast. We continue to source what in our opinion are the best raw materials and continue to sell them at unbeatable prices.
All the products are professionally packed. The hops are all aluminium foil vacuum packed using a commercial vacuum machine and delivered to your door.

So get brewing and maybe even experiment a little and brew your favourite beer confident you are using the finest raw materials available at the best price.

If you do decide to experiment and find a beer that you believe others will enjoy please share the recipe with us and we will share with the rest of the homebrew family.

Happy Brewing !

About Hops

Alongside Malt and yeast, hops are one of beers most important ingredients. Hops are the dried flower like bud that grows on a bine, similar to a vine, but instead of using roots to grow, a bine uses hair like structures to hang on to. There is a large variety of hops on the market, usually available in Whole leaf or pellets. Whole leaf, as the name suggests, is the entire hop bud and for taste and aroma, fresh hops are the best. Pellets are hops that are dried, powdered and pressed into a pellet form. These can be stored for possibly longer.


Each type of Hop gives a unique flavour and aroma, from being citrus to soapy to earthy. Key measurements in hops are bitterness units, Alpha acids and Beta acids. The balance of these give that unique Hop character to each beer. Added at different times during the brewing process, hops produce a myriad of flavours and aromas. As well as creating big flavours of citrus, pine and tropical fruit, the hops also act as a bittering agent. When added to the boil stage of brewing, they are known as bittering hops. The release of alpha acids, which come from the essential oils in the hops, produces the bitterness present in many Hoppy beers. They also add antibacterial qualities to the beer.


All hops are Foil Vacuum packed , have a Best before date and Alpha acid  content detailed on the package.

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