A recipe pack containing all the ingredients to make a clone, all grain version of SAFFBREW KOLSCH and is the 23 litre version.

This recipe was kindly donated by one of our customers Chris Robertson, who said it was definately worth trying.


The pack contains: ( please note all grains come crushed)


Lager Malt 4640g

Carapils Malt 530g


Start of Boil  Cascade Hops 10g

20 mins  Cascade Hops 10g

15 mins Cascade Hops 10g


Last 10 Minutes of Boil

Cascade Hops 30g 


Last 5 mins of Boil

Cascade Hops 16g


Steep 15 mins

Cascade Hops 16g


1 x Protafloc last 15 mins of Boil

1 pack of Saflager S23 or W34/70


Mash schedule 66*C 60 mins

Original gravity 1048/Final gravity 1009/ABV 5.1%/IBitterness 24.7/Colour 3.4


*** Mashed at 60 for 15 minutes then 65.5 for 45 min





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