A recipe pack containing all the ingredients to make a clone, all grain version of SAFFBREW BOHEMIAN PILSNER, a German Pils and is the 25 litre version.

This recipe was kindly donated by one of our customers Chris Robertson, who said it was definately worth trying.


The pack contains: ( please note all grains come crushed)


Pilsner Malt 5300g

Carapils Malt 500g


50 mins of boil  Mosaic Hops 20g

30 mins  Saaz Hops 51g

10 mins Saaz Hops 25g


Last 5 mins of Boil

Citra Hops 25g


1 x Protafloc last 15 mins of Boil

1 pack of Saflager S23 or W34/70


Mash schedule 66*C 60 mins

Original gravity 1058/Final gravity 1013/ABV 5.9%/IBitterness 34.3/Colour 3.6






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