Safale US-05 - Original Packaging

Safale US-05 - Original Packaging


Safale_05 dried brewers yeast, is excellent for fast fermentation and rapid settling and firm compacting of the yeast which helps the finished beer clarity. US-05 helps brew well balanced beers with a low diacetyl and a clean crisp palate. Safale is a high performing dried yeast which offers a real alternative to more expensive liquid yeasts, due to the nitrogen flushed sachet with a two year shelf life. Pitching Instructions: Rehydrate US-05 dry yeast prior to pitching. Sprinkle the contents of the packet into 10 times its own weight of boiled then cooled water or wort at 27C (+ or - 3c). After 15 to 30 minutes the yeast should have formed a cream, stir again during the next 30 minutes before adding to the main wort. Alternatively, pitch Safale_05 brewers yeast directly into the wort, ensuring that the wort temperature is above 20C and below 30C. Sprinkle the contents of the packet over the surface, leave for 30 minutes and then mix vigorously to aerate.

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