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RUDDLES BEST Style Recipe Kit

RUDDLES BEST Style Recipe Kit


RUDDLES Best is an Amber/Brown beer, strong on bitterness but some initial sweetness, fruit and subtle hops. Dryness lingers in the aftertaste. Based on the latest edition of Graham Wheeler's book, 'Brew your own British Real Ales' and is a 23L version.


3240g Pale Maris otter malt

275g white brewing sugar

47g Black malt

36g Crystal malt

24g Northdown hops (start of boil)

8g Bramling Cross hops (start)

8g Fuggles hops (start)

13g EKG hops (last 10 mins)

8g EKG hops (post boil)

S-04 yeast and 1 x Protafloc tab


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