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Raspberry Blonde Beer style recipe kit

Raspberry Blonde Beer style recipe kit

A recipe pack containing  the ingredients to make a fruit style beer ( Please note Raspberry and Gelatin not included) 23L

Recipe Specs


Batch Size (L):           23.0

Maris Otter 3628g

Vienna Malt 907g

Crystal Malt 226g

Roasted Barley 68g


Columbus 7g - Boil 55 mins

Columbus 7g - Boil 35 mins

Cascade 7g - Boil 20mins

Cascade 7g - Boil 5 mins

Raspberries (whole) 1130g (not included in kit) secondary 14 days

Gelatin 0.50 Teaspoon ( Not included) secondary 5 hours

Nottingham Ale Yeast

Protofloc Tablet

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