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JET BLACK HEART clone Recipe Kit

JET BLACK HEART clone Recipe Kit

An Oatmeal Milk Stout. 23L batch. The smooth, roasty coffee and chocolate leads to a decadent, full bodied richness with a velvet mouthfull from the addition of oatmeal and wheat. Complimented by magnum and sorachi ace hops, bringing a smooth vanilla and dark berry fruit to the finish.

3kg Pale malt

250g Wheat malt

200g  Dark Crystal malt 

400g Brown malt

200g Black malt

200g Carafa special type 1

400g Flaked oats

250g Crystal malt

400g Lactose

21g Magnum hops  start

9g Sorachi Ace hops  middle

Add Protofloc at 15mins

Ferment with US-05 yeast

Mash temp 65*C/149*F,  Fermentation 19*C/66*F        TIP...As there is a lot of specialty malts in the mash, make sure to take the run off nice and steady.

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