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Hop Enhancer ‘Tea bags’ packs x5 (empty)

Hop Enhancer ‘Tea bags’ packs x5 (empty)


Hop Enhancer Tea Bags 

Pack of 5 small 5x7cm (to hold up to 12g pellets or 5g Hop leaf)  OR Pack of 5 medium 8x10cm (to hold up to 50g pellets or 20g Hop leaf) OR

Pack of 5 large 10x15cm (to hold up to 100g pellets or 40g Hop leaf)


Hop 'tea-bag'. Adds flavour and aroma to beer. Ideal for adding to beer kits or for adding hops in the fermenter. Soak in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes then add the liquid and teabag to your brew - adding at the start or early in fermentation for bittering/flavour or later towards the end of fermentation for aroma.

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