Dave O's Christmas Cracker


Christmas Cracker - recipe by Dave O winner of the Christmas recipe competition. Christmas CrackerRecipe Specs----------------Batch Size (L):           23.0Total Grain (kg):         4.646Total Hops (g):           58.00Original Gravity (OG):    1.047  (°P): 11.7Colour (SRM):             21.5   (EBC): 42.4Bitterness (IBU):         27.5   (Average)Brewhouse Efficiency (%): 75Boil Time (Minutes):      90Grain Bill----------------3.535 kg Maris Otter Malt (76.09%)0.505 kg Wheat Malt (10.87%)0.404 kg Crystal 120 (8.7%)0.202 kg Chocolate (4.35%) Hop Bill----------------47.0 g Fuggles Leaf (3.82% Alpha) @ 90 Minutes (Boil) (1.2 g/L)26.0 g First Gold Leaf (8.8% Alpha) @ 10 Minutes (Boil) (1 g/L)12.0 g Fuggles Leaf (3.82% Alpha) @ 0 Minutes (Aroma) (0.3 g/L)Misc Bill----------------Single step Infusion at 66°C for 90 Minutes.Fermented at 20°C with S-04 4.6% ABV    

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