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Crisp Best Clear Choice Extra Pale 25KG (Crushed)

Crisp Best Clear Choice Extra Pale 25KG (Crushed)


ProAnt Free Malt is produced from proanthocyanidin-free malting barley. This type of variety was first bred in

the early 1970’s and these varieties do not contain proanthocyanidins thus one of the precursors of biological

haze is absent in the resultant malt, wort and beer.

Beers brewed with ProAnt Free Malt benefit from extended shelf life, improved haze stability and enhanced

flavour stability. Additionally, the absence of polyphenols increases malty, sweet notes and reduces astringent

and bitter notes in the finished beer. Many breweries, especially in the craft sector, are now benefitting from

these quality attributes.

Benefits observed by brewers using ProAnt Free Malt include:-

Normal processing through the brewhouse with, in some cases, reduced trub volumes

Cold conditioning at +3 or +4°C (37-39°F) leading to savings in refrigeration time and costs

Removal of the need to use processing aids for stabilisation with associated cost savings

‘Clean label’ advantages of stating that chemical stabilisers not used for chill proofing

Potential improvements to foam quality in the absence of silica hydrogel usage

Extended length of filter runs

Long term haze-free shelf life for packaged beers (periods in excess of 1 year)

For cask and bottle-conditioned beers, yeast/trub sediments to a firm cake reducing beer losses

Proportional improvements when ProAnt Free Malt is used as a partial grist replacement

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