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Caledonian 80/- Style recipe Kit

Caledonian 80/- Style recipe Kit


A recipe pack containing all the ingredients to make a clone, all grain version of Caledonian 80/-

A predominantly malty, copper-coloured beer with underlying fruit. A Scottish heavy that now lacks the complex taste and hoppiness of old. The name referes to eighty-shillings. Sometimes called slash-dash, presumably  by those who were born after 1971 and have no idea what a shilling was.
This recipe is based on the latest edition of Graham Wheeler's  book, "Brew your own British Real Ales" and is the 23 litre version.

* Please note that alpha acids vary, the amounts to use in this recipe have been adjusted accordingly.

The pack contains: ( please note all grains come crushed)

Pale Malt (maris Otter) (grams) 3930
Crystal Malt (grams) 215
Wheat Malt (grams) 125
Chocolate Malt (grams) 30

Start of Boil
Fuggle Hops (grams) 33
Golding Hops (grams) 31

Last Ten Minutes of Boil
Golding Hops (grams) 22

1 x Protafloc last 15 mins of Boil
1 pack of S-04

Alcohol content (ABV) 3.8%

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