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Bigley's Honey Ale Recipe Kit

Bigley's Honey Ale Recipe Kit


A recipe kit created by one of our favourite customers.
An enjoyable and tasty smooth ale using a clear honey for a delightful taste ( Honey not supplied in kit but recommend Scottish Heather Honey)


4 kg  Extra Pale Maris Otter  mash with 15l

500g Amber Malt

500g Crystal Malt

Mash for 90 mins at 67 deg

100g East Kent Goldings boil with 30l

(Add 50 g at 90mins , 50g with 20 mins to go)

Add Protofloc at 15mins

SG 1.054

Ferment with S04 yeast for

2 weeks at approx 20 deg

FG 1.010

Second ferment in the barrel using approx 450grams  of clear honey (Honey not supplied in kit)  and 25grams of sugar

Keep warm for 1 more week

Option - you can add the honey on the first ferment - there is not so much honey flavour but still a very good ale

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