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Big Lamp Bitter Style Recipe Kit

Big Lamp Bitter Style Recipe Kit


A recipe pack containing all the ingredients to make a clone, all grain version of Big Lamp Bitter.

A clean-tasting tawny Bitter, full of hops and malt, A hint of fruit with a good hoppy finish.
This recipe is based on the latest edition of Graham Wheeler's  book, "Brew your own British Real Ales" and is the 23 litre version.

The pack contains: ( please note all grains come crushed)

Pale Malt (maris Otter) (grams) 3900
Crystal Malt (grams) 205

Start of Boil
Golding Hops (grams) 51

Post-boil Hops
Fuggle Hops (grams) 10

1 x Protafloc last 15 mins of Boil
1 pack of S-04

Alcohol content (ABV) 4%


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