A recipe pack containing all the ingredients to make an all grain version of Batemans Victory Ale. Luscious aromas of hops, oranges and pear drops. Full malt in the mouth, intense finish with complex balance of hop bitterness and fruit.

Recipe Specs


Batch Size (L):           23.0

Total Grain (kg):         5.245kg

Total Hops (g):           80g

Original Gravity (OG):    1054

Final Gravity (FG):       1010

Alcohol by Volume (ABV):  5.8%

Colour (SRM):              (EBC): 14

Bitterness (IBU):         32

Boil Time (Minutes):      90


4.670kg Maris Otter malt

420g Brewing sugar

155g Crystal 150 malt


Mash schedule 66*c  90 mins


30g East Kent Goldings    Start of Boil

30g Bobek   Start of Boil
20g Bobek   Last 10 mins   plus add protafloc tablet

Boil time 90 mins

Protafloc tablet

Safale S04 yeast    Boil for last 10/15 mins Fermentation temp 19*c

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