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Admiral bitter style recipe kit

Admiral bitter style recipe kit


A recipe pack containing all the ingredients to make an  all grain version of Admiral Bitter

This Recipe is from Mike Gibbs

Recipe Specs


Batch Size (L):           23.0

Total Grain (kg):         4.5

Total Hops (g):           80g

Original Gravity (OG):    1.046

Final Gravity (FG):       1.013

Alcohol by Volume (ABV):  4.3 %

Colour (SRM):              (EBC): 28

Bitterness (IBU):         93 (Beer engine)

Brewhouse Efficiency (%): 75

Boil Time (Minutes):      90

Grain Bill


4kg Maris Otter Malt (88.9%)

500g Crystal Malt (11.1%)


Hop Bill
50g Admiral  Leaf  @ 90 Minutes (Boil) (0.7 g/L)
20g Admiral Leaf  @ 10Minutes (Boil) (1.1 g/L)   add Protofloc tablet at same time
10g Admiral Leaf  @ 0 Minutes (Aroma) (0.9 g/L)



Mash at 66 C in 15 ltrs for 110minutes

Sparge for 40minutes with 20ltrs

Fermented at 20C with Safale S04 yeast

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